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Showing a Google Docs presentation on the HTC Legend at a business lunch

May 14th, 2010 by android surgeon

The other day I have been at a sort of business lunch, where I was supposed to present an idea to a couple of persons. I therefore prepared a rather simple presentation on NeoOffice (.odp) and then uploaded to my Google Docs account. As a matter of fact, Google Docs accepts openoffice files, so you don`t need to convert them to MS Office format first.

Once at the meeting, I connected via 3G with my HTC Legend and accessed my Google Docs account (its mobile version) .

I ran the whole presentation on the Legend’s screen, and showed also a video streamed from the Android YouTube app.

It all went quite well, and everything was running smoothly. One consideration is that a presentation meant to be  displayed on such a screen needs special fixings. Big font-size, first of all. Also, the Android browser does not display the presentation from Google Docs with an exact full-screen mode, so that you have to use the multi-touch pinch and zoom for a better view.

I wouldn’t mind an official Google Docs mobile application for Android, but it definitely works with the Android browser and the mobile version of Google Docs.